Mezi námi jsme doma a je nám dobře. Zwischen uns wir zu Hause sind und wir ein gutes Gefühl. Among us we are at home and we feel good. Между нами мы дома и нам хорошo. Entre nous, nous sommes à la maison et on se sent bien. Entre nosotros estamos en casa y nos sentimos bien.

Among Us is an multigenerational and interactive dance-movement-visual performance for five good souls - dancers or performers and one puppet, realized with the international team of artists (Czech, Slovak, Japan, Jordan, Norway, Poland). It reflects a view of the adult on the world of fantasy and childhood landscape. Among Us playfully communicates a serious need to maintain imagination, protects children's world, encourages all good between people and underscores home and the difference between a child and adult. The story unfolds from the tiny angel to who grew clown's nose instead the wings. He is different, but he is here and he is just knocking on the door of yours and ours homes. Among Us is the performance in which children are invited to settle them like at home.

Adults with their children are moving to find a better place to live, searching for a key to home.

What does “home” mean to children?

Our story is real and at the same time a fairy tale. It reflects a child's view of the world, which is then confronted with an adult's perspective. What is my dream and what is your reality? What do children see? And do adults see the same way?

Among Us encourages imagination, protects child‘s world of fantasy and emphasizes the importance of home. It explores the comprehensibility of dance-visual theatre for children, develops the relation between movement and a puppet / an object and works with the interaction with audience with respect to its function, functionality and meaning.

The aim of the project is to give children to think about the basic categories of goodness, the essence of the human being in the over-civilizated world and to find his own joy of the game and the desire to fly on the wings of his own imagination. Next, we would like to realize and experience by art forms incorporated into the narrative terms: home, loneliness - friendship, goodness and respect.

AMONG US offers also workshops for schools children and the public. An integral part of the project is a research including creative workshops for nursery school children and elementary school pupils from the first until the sixth school year. These workshops are being organized since 2013. One of the first outputs were the answers given by hundreds of children when they were being asked questions concerning the topic „home“. About 130 answers form an audiovisual introduction to the performance itself.

The project is run in close collaboration with children / future viewers and professional artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Jordan, Poland, Japan and Norway.

The performance is realized in cooperation with the association Tanec Praha and Ponec Dance Venue.

Concept and direction: Hana Strejčková 
Choreographycal collaboration: Veronika Kacianová, Věra Ondrašíková 
Dramaturgical collaboration: Kateřina Schwarzová 
Creation and interpretation: Karolína Křížková and Andrea Vykysalá, Eva Stará, Šimon Pliska, Hana Strejčková
Music: Kuba Palys (PL), live Hearn Gadbois (USA) and DJ Buldog
Artistic conception: Hana Strejčková, Marianna Stránská, Robo Nižník
Made puppet: Sota Sakuma (JP) 
Costumes: Marianna Stránská
Videoart: students of elementary schools (CZ, SK, ES, JP), Hana Strejčková, Jan Hrdlička, Michaela Režová, Marianna Stránská, Marek Volf, Michal Vrba 
Technical ensure of screenings: 3dsense – Jan Hrdlička, Marek Volf, Michal Vrba 
Light design: Jiří Maleňák 
Video camera and cut: Petr Lášek, Tomáš Strejček 
Producer: FysioART 
Coproduction: Tanec Praha / PONEC – divadlo pro tanec 
Partners: Jan Svitlík – taneční studio Voila, Villa Andy 
Supported by: Ministerstvo kultury ČR, Hl. město Praha, Nadace Život umělce, Japan Foundation & Japan Fest 2015, Visegrad, Divadelní ústav

Thanks to: Yvona Kreuzmannová, Markéta Perroud, Dana Nekardová, Geir Brungot, Pavlína Šimáčková, Vendula Burger, Kennosuke Sagawa,Ina Bradáčová, Ilona Němcová, Lada Hořešovská, Katarína Kanábová, Milena Kožová, school management and the school teacher of nursery and primary schools (Prague and surroundings Hokkaido, Malaga)